Help these Children to Reach their Individual Potential

With your support, we can help more disadvantaged Israeli children develop the capabilities to use education as a means of social mobility.

Building a better future for our community

The Maksam network of neighborhood centers is committed to improving the future prospects of Hadera’s young children of Ethiopian origin and children of other immigrant communities by promoting their successful integration into Israeli society.

Maksam delivers educational reinforcement and enrichment to elementary-aged school children, providing them with the skills and tools they need to complete elementary school with confidence and ambition. added a new photo.

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Africa-to-Africa Jewellery project:
Beverley Price is a Johannesburg based jeweller who trained in Israel and London. The hand-made jewellery she creates for the Africa-to-Africa project fuses conventional western jewellery practices with artwork by children of the Ethiopian community in Israel. Images of paintings done by the children are framed in silver foil and combined to make items of jewellery, which form a unique tangible and visual link between Africa and Israel.
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Africa-to-Africa Jewellery Project

A jewellery manufacturing project connecting South Africans and Ethiopians - linked by Israel.

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